Wildlife Removal * Falconry Bird Abatement
Commercial and Residential


We live in a thriving eco-system within the mountains and, sooner or later, they find their way into our properties for one reason or another.
A lot of times these animals cannot be removed on one’s own and professional help is needed.

That’s where we come in!

Note that we are a pest removal service, not a pest extermination business.
We don’t deal in pests that need to be destroyed, we deal with pests and confused animals that can be caught and released back to their habitat.

We use the best tools and experience available to use to try to remove pests with as little harm to the animal as possible.
We also provide cleanup and repair services for what the pest may have soiled or damaged in their intrusion – this includes dead animal removal for when it got inside and died there.

Larger pests we typically remove include:

Large birds
and More!

Services Include:
Wildlife Removal, Odor Elimination and Sanitation, Wildlife Damage Repair , Dead Animal Removal, Nuisance Bird Control

Contact us today if you have any questions. Thank you